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Questionnaire on the Experience and Evaluation of Work (QEEW)

Since 1994 SKB has been facilitating research related to employee vitality, health, and job satisfaction. Questionnaires form the basis of our research. One of them is the Questionnaire on the Experience and Evaluation of Work (QEEW, Dutch abbreviation: VBBA). SKB holds the copyright of the QEEW and has the exclusive right to administer, exploit, edit, and license the questionnaire.

After twenty years of intensive usage, the QEEW has grown into a unique set of brief survey scales. A versatile set of scales that is easily applicable in many practical settings, but which has also proven useful in scientific studies on the functioning of human capital in organizations.

As a leading knowledge institute, we believe in sharing knowledge. That is why we offer students and scientific researchers the opportunity to make use of the QEEW.

Are there any costs involved?

As a student or researcher, you can use the QEEW free of charge for research groups of at least 25 to 150 invited persons. We do ask you to pay 50 EURO deposit (and 15 EURO administration fee outside the EU). The deposit will be refunded when we receive your thesis / research report.
If your research group consists of more than 150 employees you have to pay a license fee. Please fill in the application form and we will send you more information and instructions.

Terms and conditions

Download our complete Terms of Use QEEW. You agree to all terms of use when you submit an application via the application form. The most important terms of use are:

  1. You will only use the QEEW for non-commercial education and research purposes.
  2. No later than three months after the end of the research, you send your thesis / research report to SKB.
  3. You are yourself responsible for the collection and processing of the data.
  4. If you translate (scales of) the QEEW in another language than English, you agree to share your translation with SKB and you agree that SKB will be copyright owner of the translation and can use it for her own purposes.

Would you like to receive the free e-book about the QEEW? Please contact us via

Use of (parts of) the QEEW for other purposes than non-commercial educational and scientific research is possible in license. For more information, please contact SKB via

The application form

For each project in which you want to use the QEEW, you have to fill in a separate application.
Only fully completed forms will be accepted. If, for example, you answer questions with 'n.a.' or 'not yet known', we consider this to be incomplete and we will not process the application.
You will receive a reply within 10 working days after receipt of your request. Once your request has been approved and the deposit has been paid, you will receive the questionnaire and scoring instructions.

It is not possible to use our benchmarks.


Please read our FAQ.
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